Autumn Doors

It’s that time of year again – the leaves have started to turn from green to brilliant red, orange and yellow hues – and Hallowe’en is a few days away.

This series of autumnal doors is my contribution to Norm’s Thursday Doors for this week.

I got a head start on the first two of these images – they were taken in Australia this past April. Bowral, New South Wales – located in the Southern Highlands – is at a high enough elevation to have cool winters and frosty nights, and has many deciduous trees.

The third image was shot in Toronto. I think that Hallowe’en is celebrated in an “orderly” manner in this household.

d15-family sized doorway
family sized doorway
d15-framed in red
framed in red
d15-ready for halloween
ready for Hallowe’en

9 thoughts on “Autumn Doors

  1. The dark brown door with the silver hardware on the gray house calls to me. Such a good photo of it, such an unexpected color combo for a house– or at least it’s unlike any around where I live.

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  2. Oh, my goodness–those first two! The colors are amazing I had to take a second look to realize that the color in the second comes from trees in front of the building. Much better for the structure than ivy or whatever growing on it as in the first shot.. But I do really like that last door. The autumn look is definite but not overdone.


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