Black & White Sunday Photo Challenge – Traces of the Past

This is my second contribution to the Lost in Translation blog Black & White Sunday Photo Challenge. This week’s topic is “Traces of the Past Y2-06,” which instantly reminded me of images I have taken of ancient standing stone monuments in my travels in the UK. I enjoy visiting sites like these because they stimulate your imagination, and make you wonder how these structures were used when they were first built.

The portal into the past is probably the most recognizable image, as Stonehenge is a popular tourist destination, located in Wiltshire in southern England. It is a neolithic standing stone circle that is several 1000’s of years old.

LiT-portal into the past cw
portal into the past

Lanyon Quoit is much lesser known. Located in Cornwall, south-west England, this stone structure was once part of a dolmen, or ancient tomb. The stones that remain are a reconstruction of the original tomb, with many missing parts.

LiT-lanyon quoit cw
Lanyon Quoit

5 thoughts on “Black & White Sunday Photo Challenge – Traces of the Past

  1. Nick, this is wonderful. I visited Stone Henge and I loved it, and I sure hope to get to Lanyon Quoit some day. I can’t see on the photo if Laynon Quoit is fenced like Stone Henge, but whichever the case I will try to go there. Thank you so much. I love images that incite my travel plans 🙂


    1. There is no fence at Lanyon Quoit. As far as I can recall, it is just located in the middle of a field, beside a small road. We were on a guided tour with a local archaeologist, who knew how to find it.

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