My COVID-19 Diary – Week 8

May 3 to 9, 2020

The novel coronavirus has affected all businesses, big and small. Businesses that have been deemed as “essential” seem to be doing very well, including the big grocery stores. We have made some adjustments to our grocery shopping habits by shopping at smaller stores, whenever possible, in order to avoid the long line-ups at the big grocery stores. While patronizing our local groceries I have had an excuse to check out some of the other storefronts along the street.

Many small businesses have had to shut down completely, and have posted various messages for their customers. These unique messages vary widely, and I have included images of two below as typical examples. The first one is open-ended and maintenance free – “Closed until end of month” – it can roll over from month to month. The second message goes into great detail regarding the reasons for closing, reflected in the following quote.

… our employees have voiced their concerns about working on the frontlines. With most of them living with either elderly parents or with young children we understand their positions as well. For these reasons we’ve decided to close our doors …

Closed until end of month
Closed until further notice

I like to think of the next sign on a door as a morale booster.

Be strong, stay strong

As weeks have turned into months, some businesses have found a way to continue to serve their customers by providing “curb side pick-up” even though they are technically closed. These last two images are good examples. The first one is a computer repair shop – is sterilizing phones, notebooks and computers an essential service? I love the name of the second shop – Pandemonium – so apropos for these times! As all of these signs have been posted on doors, I have linked this post to Norm’s regular Thursday Doors post, to share with others. Be safe everyone.

3 thoughts on “My COVID-19 Diary – Week 8

  1. Never knew you could close pandemonium. I thought it just went on and on until it stopped. 🙂 Here in Arizona, restrictions on businesses are beginning to ease and hopefully the transition will be carried out with appropriate care. We’ll see.



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